New to the Bay Area? Meet Within will help you find relevant people around you

Maybe someone who is coder & is within 1 mi

Why are we doing this?

After being tired of trying out everything that didn't work for us, we came out with Meet Within.

Have you ever moved to a
new place
& didn't know many people around? Well, we know how hard, time-consuming it is to build your
local network
again. Maybe you're a
& you wanna find members for your
new band
or maybe you
love hardware
& you wanna find a
who can make your project into something beautiful or you can even look for the people who
love kittens
because who doesn't?

We're on a mission
to change the way people build their local network when they move
to a new place.

Like what we're doing? A
can help us grow faster.
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